Event host, Erica | host each event with heart and soul 

With more than 8-year experience, charming smile and soft voice, Erica brings out perfect events again and again. No matter in a lively or an elegant event, she can control the situation and improvise quickly. Erica is prepared to host your event with heart and soul. 

Event host, Erica | host each event with heart and soul

The prize she won

The Second Cross-strait Wedding Host Competition – Third place

WEDDINGS - Top 20 hosts in Taiwan

Host experience

Calvin Klein year-end party

Mercedes-Benz Oktoberfest

L’ERBOLARIO One-Day Manager – Shiou Chieh Kai

Book launch conference – Matilda Tao

Book launch conference – Bobby Chen

Council of Agriculture “Tea & Food, Locavore” press conference

Neihu Technology Park industrial support facilities - Signing press conference

LaoHu Yatzi new product launch

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi “Let’s Play Guitar This Summer” press conference

Platinum Hotel opening press conference

Dream Island-Samui Island product direct-flight conference

Beyond Plaza 1st pet photography media banquet

Taoyuan Wind Music Carnival – Ji-Yin Symphonic Band THIS IS SO MUCH FUN

2017 Taoyuan God of the Five Grains culture festival – God Wandering in Longtan

Taoyuan Bade district – Agriculture creative holiday market – Peach-week activity

New Taipei City Government Department of Education – Love in 917, Find happiness together

“Sharing, Happiness” book signing and charity event

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place “Two Generation Cooking Competition”

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place “Chinese Valentine’s Day Love Song Duet Competition”

“Midsummer Sunset Concert”

“Summer Vacation Is So Much Fun – Let’s Play Bubble”

“Czech Republic Puppet Troupe”

“The M Riders Christmas Meet and Greet”

Taiwan International Tea Culture Interchange and 7th anniversary of Yoshantea Tea Culture House

ML Group Innovational Tornado hair show

 Regent Galleria of Regent Hotels INLUXE CASA feast

2017 Taoyuan High Quality Black tea awarding ceremony

Council of Agriculture “Taiwanese Tea & Tea confectionery” press conference

 “Tea & Food, Locavore” 5th awarding ceremony

2017 Business Today – Wealth Management in Bank and Securities Evaluation 11th awarding ceremony

Business Today – Businessman awarding ceremony

Utrust elite team bimonthly meeting

Wanto Ingenious Co., Ltd. opening ceremony

Meito department store-BH opening ceremony

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi “Pu Tian-Sheng Art Exhibition” opening ceremony and press conference

Taoyuan Phra Phrom opening ceremony

Wedding show in exhibition hall 3 of the Taipei World Trade Center

LaoHu Yatzi Food expo in exhibition hall 3 of the Taipei World Trade Center

Mercedes-Benz Oktoberfest

LaoHu Yatzi steamship party

Ti-ching Water Garden community – Moon Festival party

Lawry’s The Prime Rib 15th anniversary VIP party

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group Plc) year-end feast

2018 Wedding People cross-strait welcome party (host in Fujian)

Transportation annual meeting feast 

Ching-Jui union – president handover ceremony and banquet

The Eurasian Publishing Group year-end party 

Qcom technology Inc. year-end party

Fuji Xerox annual meeting

United Credit Services Co., Ltd year-end party

Utrust eastern district joint sales year-end party

Coville Food Co., Ltd. spring party

Netfos Group year-end party

Wisdom Precision Technology Co., Ltd year-end party

Wisejie Co.,Ltd. spring party

Witty Corporation year-end party

Wels Co., Ltd.

Grainew Corporation spring party

Schindler Taiwan year-end party

Din-Fu Cemetery year-end party

Jen-Mao Ind. Co., Ltd. year-end party

Global Vision Machinery Co., Ltd. spring party

Cheng-Hsing 60 years appreciation feast

Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital year-end party

 Hi-More Robot Co., Ltd. year-end party

VeloceNet Inc. year-end party

TienPin group 2017 year-end party

Smart Inspection year-end party