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"MOCS" is a creative and powerful event place where a number of like-minded industry elites and working partners have gathered together to gather countless accumulated experience and creative ideas.
For "Wonderful Event Creation", perfect event planning and execution should do everything possible to make every event entrusted by customers become: sight, hearing, senses, applause, applause, and moving, and create a glorious and shared harvest Feast; what the event presents at the scene is not just a patchwork of lighting, sound and extra cloth, so we deeply understand your needs. Every event design will be planned by the person in charge of the "Wonderful Activity Creation" project to coordinate the brainstorming and creative development miss you. Then through our top event planning department (construction texture) → the most imaginative creative design department (creating aesthetics) → the most actionable on-site execution department (creating emotion), carefully craft every event you entrust.

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From strategy, positioning, ideation, originality, creativity, image packaging, from activities to the extended design of peripheral products, a serious and responsible attempt to make the original only established image escape and rethink focus and positioning, focus and refocus, and create exclusive And the original image and thinking are revitalized and presented! !

"Communication", "Enthusiasm", "Concentration" and "Integrity" are the four core concepts of "MOCS". Have good and in-depth "communication" with customers to ensure that every detail of the event is perfectly presented; the high "enthusiasm" for organizing events allows us to do our best for each event; "focus" on the small details of each event , To ensure that the event not only makes the process smooth, but also makes participants feel valued; attaches great importance to the "integrity" of customers and manufacturers, so that customers and manufacturers can rest assured about the creation of "fantastic activities." "Wonderful Activity Creation" is definitely the strongest and most powerful backing for you to handle the ideal activities in your mind. Only unexpectedly, there is nothing impossible!

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As far as "fantastic event creation" is concerned, the perfect event planning and execution should be a feast of all-round experience created by sight, hearing, senses and touch; what it presents is not just a patchwork of lighting, sound and venue layout; it should be accompanied by The activity is carried out with the music that creates the atmosphere, with the finishing touch lighting effects, and finally the performance on the stage is pushed to a climax. So we have an in-depth understanding of your needs, from the type of activity, the characteristics of the participants, the choice of venues, the choice of hardware equipment, the feeling of visual presentation, the nature of the performer, to the customized items and other small details, we will discuss with you in detail After discussion, decide together with you. For every event design, the "Fantasy Event Creation" team will devote 100% of their efforts to carefully crafting every event you entrust.

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