Jun 30,21

Trend Micro Online Events

Trend Micro Online Events -MOCS Online Event Company
Apr 24,21

VOGUE Picnic Day ft.Chupa Chups

On Picnic Day, MOCS is for brand marketing activities VOGUE held its 7th picnic day at Huazhong Campground, and it also set the largest number of stalls in history. More than 80 brands, whether it is the gourmet desserts, fashion brands, and lifestyle brands you want to get, you can shop on the day of the picnic day, and all the stalls They also have their own unique tricks, with a one-day limited check-in landmark featuring picnic days, more creative activities and star performances, whic...
Mar 21,21

TREND 2021 Family Day Event

TREND 2021 Family Day Event | MOCS
Feb 05,21

LC Tech 2021 Year End Party

LC Tech 2021 Year End Party
Jan 15,21

AFC Year End Party

ASIATIC FIBER CORPORATION Year End PARTY | MOCS In this era of global pandemics, Taiwan is fortunate to be able to control the pandemic. In addition to the concerted efforts of the whole people to fight the pandemic, we also want to thank the manufacturers of pandemic products. ASIATIC FIBER CORPORATION has produced anti-bacterial masks, anti-epidemic bags, protective clothing and isolation gowns and other anti-epidemic products, which have played an important role in helping Taiwa...
Dec 24,20

2020 Taoyuan Best VR WORD

2020 Taoyuan Best VR WORD |Find MOCS for Lighting and Sound Stage MOCS is responsible for the Light and Sound, stage construction, and other hardware facilities and professional control personnel of this Taoyuan Best VR WORD event. Taoyuan City is a major industrial and commercial city, with diversified and complete settlements ranging from traditional industries to high-tech industries. In order to connect Taoyuan Enterprise with Taiwan and the world, and to assist the in...
Dec 18,20


HONEY HOPE HONESTY ENTERPRISE Year-End Party | MOCS Although affected by the epidemic, nearly 50% of companies do not hold year-end parties, but they still can’t stop the HONEY HOPE HONESTY ENTERPRISE who wants to take care of the staff who have worked hard for the company for a whole year. After discussing with the staff, MOCS arranged the most popular event band "MOCS Band" and the most dynamic event dance group "MOCS GIRLS" to dance at the Year-end part...
Dec 05,20

DECATHLON Zhonghe Games Events

DECATHLON Zhonghe Games Events | Mocs Events DECATHLON specially prepared a series of activities, and Mocs set up the event stage in the hall. As long as you show the DECATHLON membership certificate, you can receive the pass, and you can get a chance to win a lottery if you pass more than four of the six levels! Come to DECATHLON Zhonghe to complete the challenge! Time:2020/12/05 13:30-18:00 p.m Add:No. 228, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Zhonghe Distric...
Nov 20,20

Guanxi Service Area Farmers Market

Guanxi Service Area Farmers Market | MOCS Hsinchu's special agricultural products are well received.MOCS also assisted in the rental and construction of hardware such as tents, audio, lighting and generators required for this market. MOCS invites everyone to visit North Taiwan’s high-quality "Agricultural Products Exhibition and Sale" on November 21 and November 22 this weekend to celebrate the afternoon. The exhibition and sales time is from 9 am to 8 pm. In addition to creating a ...