LED Percussion Show

"Europe Secret Garden Circus LED Magic Drum Show" is a set of "Science Fiction Strike Show" extracted from a series of brilliant performances of "Secret Garden Circus". Combining the sci-fi lighting effects of scientific and technological lasers, LED lights, and computer lights used by the original circus, combined with special effects full of mysterious fire dances, fireworks, and fireworks, the Middle East tambourine, fluorescent steel drums, and laser crystals in the performance Drums, STOMP smash show and various percussion instruments are integrated together. Through the cascade of music, dance and theater plots, the essence of the "Europe ‧ Secret Garden Circus LED Magic Drum Show" program is quenched.


The "Secret Garden Circus" is an international team of performance professionals from all over the world. Most of the performers are versatile, integrating music, dance, stunts, juggling, circus, gymnastics and other skills. Since its establishment, it has extracted elements from traditional performance elements of ancient civilizations, myths, circuses, etc., absorbed cross-cultural skills, coupled with special effects, electronic music, etc., to create new performance energy and become a comprehensive artistic performance.