Dance Group

Dance Group | MOCS

Cheer Shine Dance Company (C.S. Dance Company)

Dance choreography/performance, wedding dance, show show

Dance Group | MOCS 1

Good at style

MV dance(Taiwan / Korea)


New Jazz

Performance/cooperation experience

Farglory Life Queen's Dance Performer

Zhishen Technology Tail Teeth

Yadong Hospital

Super successor A Plus Dancer

Kangxi is Coming-The Battle for the Strongest Female Star (Xiao Xian)

Super idol choreographer

Variety show hot dance director

The famous Korean nightclub Pulse opens

Youth Chamber of Commerce (Zhonghe Branch, Yonghe Branch)

Pingxin Lions Club

AV Actress-Natsuki Anri Cooperative Dance Performance

AV Actress-Mikami Yua Cooperative Dance Performance

Fixed performance at Farmhouse Music Restaurant

Dance Group | MOCS 2

HONEY POPCORN | Cheer Shine Dance Group | MOCS