MOCS Band Introduction 

MOCS band was established in 2015. The music team headed by its leader Ray, MOCS band is proficient in various styles and warms up every event.

The band members all have more than 10 years of performance experience. Customers can see the pursuit of music quality. They interact with off-stage guests in each performance, making the atmosphere of the whole event HIGH to the highest point and making the audience unforgettable. Memories.

We pay special attention to the tacit understanding of our partners and performance collocation, and focus on quality. Any large-scale performance or banquet will only be performed after rehearsals and ideas. Therefore, the team cannot find other personnel to help perform the performance. The daily number of performances is limited to 8 shows.

Innovation, service, joy, and happiness are our performance spirit. Through the exchange of music, we break the stage barrier and create every heart-stringing event.

We will serve with the most sincere heart, show the surprise of each performance, and the promotion of the atmosphere of the event is natural and moving.

When we gather at the banquet, I also hope that it will fall in the most complete and deepest time, and that I will be able to remember for a long time... to create a happy time~

Performance style

Pop Music / Jazz Music / Rock Music / Bossa Nova / Latin POP / Folk Songs / Reggae

Performance project

Show Band

Live Band

Wedding band