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Wedding Band | Complete your wedding with you

Provide couples with a variety of wedding style choices, whether it is outdoor weddings, jazz weddings, American weddings, we can create them for you. The wedding styles are diverse, and the wedding band presents adaptations from popular music, jazz music, country music, Chinese music, Samba, Western pop, and Mandarin and Taiwanese songs. The musicians and teachers can provide you with them. Weddings created by whimsical events will definitely make you happy. The bubble filled the entire venue, and also infected the guests who came to participate, creating beautiful moments for you. The members of the wedding orchestra are composed of state banquet singers, overseas dance teachers and professional musicians. The pursuit of music quality, and the interaction of each performance, relatives, friends and guests can easily participate and leave good memories at the same time is the unique style of the wedding orchestra, MOCS Complete your wedding exclusively with you.

Wedding Orchestra 1

Not only wedding music performances, but also custom wedding music designs for you. If you want more activities, we recommend that you book a schedule with us in advance so that we can have more and enough time to help you design the most suitable Wedding orchestra performance.

Wedding Orchestra 2