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Spring Party host BEI BEI is proficient in singing and dancing.During the event, you can interact with guests to drive the atmosphere of the scene.

The Spring Party hosting style is lively and lively. If you want a lively and interesting party event, please find the host BEI BEI recommended by the event company.

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Hosting Experience

2017 Hosted by CONI Cosmetics Counter in Zhongyou Department Store

2017 Banqiao Jinshitang New Book Presentation Host

2017 KIA Auto Mid-Autumn Festival Host

Host of 2017 Taipei SKY Venture Capital Company Gala

2017 Host of Taiwan Medical Device Brotherhood

Host of 2017 Asia-Pacific Telecom Direct Stores Evening

Host of the 2017 Macao Central Lions Club Taiwan Exchange Gala

2017 Mandema Lian New Product Launch Conference Host

2017 Taipei International Sporting Goods Conference Outdoor Exhibition Host

2017 New Year's Eve Host / Singer, China Hong Kong City Wedding Banquet Hall

2017 FamilyMart Year-end Party Host / Singer

2017 Zhenyue Precision Slide Year-end Party Host / Singer

2017 Tucheng Xinyouke Ending Host / Singer

2017 Taijie Technology Ending Host / Singer

2016 New Year's Eve Host at Grand Hyatt Taipei

2016 Taipei Nangyang Rotary Club Taiwan-Japan Exchange Host

2016 Beyond the Ordinary Dancing Miracle International Day of Disability Host

2016 YAMAHA Dataoye New Car Jinhao 125 Locomotive Conference Host

2016 Evil Haunted 2 Film Press Conference Taipei / Taichung Host

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