Year-end / Spring Party

Year End / Spring Party recommendation | MOCS

Having worked hard for the company for a whole year, Wei Ya is the best time for the company to reward employees. In addition to good wine and delicacies, professional Wei Ya hosts and performances are the key to the atmosphere of the audience.

As a welfare committee, are you thinking about how to make all employees high? Do you want the chief to stand on the stage and dance? Or how to make colleagues happy together interactive games?

Choose MOCS to solve your troubles and get twice the result with half the effort! There are also a wealth of Weiya themes to choose from, wild jungle wind, party carnival...with the venue layout, welcome props, etc., let Weiya feel like being in a fantasy world!

Submit a free end-tooth event plan

MOCS has a diversified selection of activities and performances. Starting from the opening show, there is a war drum show that shocks the whole of Africa, a scientific and technological LED cold light man laser show, a friendly and interactive dragon and lion dance, a dynamic beauty fancy violin, or a combination The chief creative enters the venue, etc. The content is diversified and rich, and the tail teeth attracted the attention of the audience from the beginning; with the MOCS Show Band, the most proud performance band of the fantasy event, let everyone rock and roll together with the singing and rhythm!

MOCS provides free event planning proposals, and adopts a service method based on customer budgets and dedicated personnel. Whether it requires teacher teaching or theme customized performance program arrangements and planning, all-round assistance is our biggest feature.

At the same time, the professional and complete one-stop integrated service from hardware equipment planning (stage, sound, lighting) to venue layout and performances has been unanimously affirmed by the welfare committee of all units. Countless experience in corporate cooperation will provide you with a cordial and efficient performance service for the End Yachun Wine Event. As long as you want to host a high-quality event, you can rest assured to give it to MOCS!

Year End / Spring Party recommendation | MOCS