Troupes | MOCS Rich and diverse activities and performances to meet your various needs

There are various splendid end-tooth performances in the whimsical event, such as:

Foreign beauty dance troupe, samba dance, tap dance, funny parody show, dragon and lion dance, war drums, electronic three princes, LED water drums, cold light dance, laser laser show, magic show, balloon clown, human balloon, stunt , Face-changing, Juggling, Competitive Cheerleaders, Spice Girls Dance Troupe... Whether it’s the opening of the end of the tooth, the performance of the program is very exciting and rich, suitable for all kinds of different themes of the end of the tooth activities.

In addition, Weixiang also has the highest quality performances by the Oya Orchestra, Beauty Chinese Music, LED Electronic Violin, Fancy Violin, Jazz Orchestra, Wedding Orchestra, Orchestra Live Performance, MOCS Show Band, Foreign Orchestra, etc. to help you stir up the atmosphere of the audience , To complete a splendid tail tooth of the host and guest!

Oya Performance Groups