German Polka Dance

Polka Dance

The Polka dance group, combining music and stage performances, has members from other Eastern European countries such as Germany and Poland. Every month, he participates in international dances and concerts. He has been invited to National Day celebrations in more than ten countries and performed in various countries in Asia and Europe.

The heroic and handsome men of the Germanic nation and the hearty and sweet smiles of European girls are the characteristics of the dance. The characteristics of traditional German clothing, boys will wear special suspenders with German style, traditional German accessories on the chest, classic German traditional stockings on their feet, and a hat on their heads. The girls wear traditional German aprons and bibs. With passionate dance and joyful laughter, with loud tapping and crisp shouts, it creates a joyous atmosphere that makes people involuntarily spin and jump.


Outstanding Team of Lyon International Cultural Festival


2006~2016 many German Oktoberfest performances

Yilan Children's Play Festival

Keelung Zhongyuan Festival

Macau Tourism Festival

Japan Aichi Expo

San Diego Folk Carnival