Cabaret Show

The world-famous French cabaret show has moved to Taiwan! Not only the famous French Cancan dance, but also a variety of dazzling performances such as the wonderful French crazy horse show, cowboy dance show and volcano goddess show. It not only shows the alternate appearance of the cold and passionate French beauties, but also fully expresses the gorgeous show and dance atmosphere of French singing and dancing!


2012/2013/2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival Performance

Golden Gate Arts Festival

Multi-family life manufacturer, Audemars Piguet, Piaget product launch conference

The Chamber of Commerce in Macau and Beijing

France in Taiwan, French National Day Dinner

2012 Taipei French Dinner

In early June 2012, went to Tokyo, Japan to tour

2013 Tour in Shanghai and Taipei

2012~2020 Nantou Lantern Festival Celebration Performance