CoreMax Event Dinner

If the dinner party is to have fun and drink, it is indispensable to match with an excellent activity orchestra; if there is an excellent activity orchestra and top-notch audio equipment, the effect is definitely not as simple as 1+1=2.

CoreMax Event Dinner 1Many events this year have been cancelled, and CoreMax’s partners, with their enthusiasm for high-quality performances, contacted us through the introduction of "Deep Sea Water" Yan Cheng, and said that they would host a dinner on November 7th. meeting.

CoreMax Event Dinner 2Although it is not the first time that we have undertaken this type of event, it is the first time we have cooperated with CoreMax. We are still cautiously planning a stage different from other peers, so that CoreMax partners, guests and hosts will have a great time!

CoreMax Event Dinner 3

If you need to replace good drinking fountain equipment, you can refer to:

Deep Sea Water